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La Historia Detrás de Los 80

La Tercera

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Produced by: Eileen Mignoni, Vicky Martinez, Paula Tala, Rigoberto Jofré, Jorge Fuica, Richard Ulloa, Eduardo Hormazábal, Cristian Moreno

A special created to explore the enormously popular Chilean television series, Los 80, which tells the story of the Herrera family living their lives under the military regime. Features a video interview with Boris Quercia (of "Sexo con Amor" and "El rey de los huevones"), a text interview with screenwriter, Rodrigo Cuevas, a gallery of behind the scenes moments, and a interactive time line which shows how the Herrera family interacts with Chilean history. More…


San Jose Mercury News

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Produced by: Dai Sugano, Julie Patel, Geri Migielicz, Richard Koci Hernandez, Denis Theriault

Follow the saga of Sunnyvale Mobile Home dwellers as they fight for their homes, then relocate after developers take over the property. More…

A New Dawn?

Lexington Herald-Leader

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Produced by: David Stephenson, Mary Meehan

Writer Mary Meehan and photographer David Stephenson secured permission from Dawn Nicole Smith and the court system to spend parts of the last four years with her and her family. In addition to reviewing court records, the journalists observed Dawn in court, in jail and at home and interviewed drug experts, judges, drug court caseworkers and an extended group of people whose lives intersected with Dawn's. More…

Choking on Growth

The New York Times

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Produced by: The staff

This series of articles and multimedia examines China's pollution crisis. The speed of China's rise as an economic power is unprecedented, as is the scale of its environmental problems. More…

A Raising Voice: Afro-Latin Americans

Miami Herald

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Produced by: Ricardo Lopez

In this series, the black experience is unveiled through a journey: to Nicaragua, where a quiet but powerful civil and cultural rights movement flickers while in neighboring Honduras, the black Garifuna community fights for cultural survival; to the Dominican Republic where African lineage is not always embraced; to Brazil, home to the world's second largest population of African descent; to Cuba, where a revolution that promised equality has fallen on its commitment to erase racism; and to Colombia, where the first black general serves as an example of Afro-Latin American achievements. More…

Jazz Scenes

Democrat & Chronicle

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Produced by: Will Yurman

A package of live, daily audio slideshows from the Rochester International Jazz Festival. More…

100 Years of the World Series

Time Magazine

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Produced by: other (or in-house credits)

A celebration of a century of America's greatest sports championship, including photos essays of memorable moments and players. More…